My Garage Build 2009-2013

Page last updated 03/02/14

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2008 - Garage as I bougt it, 24 x 24 2 car garage with a 40' x 15' 12' high garage built on left side, no concrete inside
2008 - 2 car garage had 1 solid 7'flip up door and 1 8' barn style door, getting in and out was really fun, notice the HUGE slab in front of the doors
2008 -Inside shotof old doors
2009 - 2 21' LVL headers for new 18' garage door
2009 - Old doors removed and header framed in for new door, notice the 1/4 plywood ceiling
2009 - Boarded up, waiting for the garage door to arrive
2009 - Old chlothsline that needs to go away
2009 - Jack hammered out 2 feet of cement, wont come out because...
2009 - There is ANOTHER 2 feet of concrete below the 2 I broke out, that is a lot of concrete for a clothsline
2009 - I finally got the back one out with my suburban, that pole is 6 feet tall AFTER I broke off the top 3 feet
2009 - 5 foot deep hole after I got the pole out, was this really necassary??
2009 - Had to have the concrete guys use thier skid-steer to get the other pole out and it took them about 20 minutes and I had it already dug out.
2009 - Rebar laid out for concrete, notice no concrete in front of garage either.
2009 - Rebar from inside of garage
2009 - 15' x 40' concrete slab poured, would have been nice if the person who built the garage would have put the slab down
2009 - Excavating for the new outside slab
2009 - Leveled out and waiting for the cement truck
2009 The - barn doors were 8' tall so I have to patch the gap when the new door goes in
2009 - House wrap and chicken wire installed
2009 - First coat of stucco patch
2009 - New concrete, 18' garage door, electrical service (200 amp), door trim and patched stucco, had to patch lower left side also
2009 - Right side finished outside shot
2009 - New slab, gate to keep the brats out and gravel between garage and sidewalk
2009 - Much better looking without clothsline poles, new brick walkway and gravel.
2009 - Hard to tell in this pic but there is about a foot deep of sawdust that was used for ceiling insulation
2009 - Plywood removed from ceiling and sawdust insulation sitting on rafters, hauled off 44 13 gallon trash bags of sawdust
2009 - Ceiling and walls stripped of old covering, walls had cardboard stapled to studs, gotta love my redneck neighbours across the alley
2009 - R13 insulation put on walls, and rolls or R30 for the ceiling only pics I have of it are from painting my S10 parts.
2009 - Another shot of insulation, noticed the new breaker box in the corner and nice entry door.
2009 - Old very leaky entry door (Glass was replaced with plywood)
2009 - New entry door with window
2009 - Starting to hang first rows of drywall
2009 - New T-8 light fixtures (installed a total of 6) very bright and start in cold weather
2010 - Drywall installed, taped, mudded, sanded and primed
2010 - Walls painted white and grey with a red stripe, now the floor needs attention
2010 - Added a black pinstripe to helpset off the red stripe (and an S10 poster). Didnt finish the drywall above breaker box so I can run electrical to other garage
2010 - Painted the floor dark grey and added a highway stripe, also finally got to hang my LUV sign I got over a year ago
2010 - Hanging my working traffic light I got off ebay that I refurbished and installed a sequencer and crosswalk light.
2010 - Moved back in some of my tools
2010 - 12 Tin Muscle Machine signs on right side wall
2010 - Got the SS parked in its home
2010 - SS #2
2010 - Only took me 12 years to get my LUV back onto my own property ( my dad had been storing it for me)
2010 - Luv #2
2010 - Next up for the garage, my late 60's pepsi machine, after I refurbish it (now on hold)
2010 - New Craftsman workbenches and cabinets
2011 - Removing Stucco on outside of smaller garage which is the inside wall of bigger garage
2011 - Chunk of stucco
2011 - All stucco removed from wall
2011 - Ordered 4 new single hung insulated windows to replace old single panes from the 50's. Took 3 weeks to get, 1 arrived broke and took 2 months to be fixed
2011 - Bigger single window in front of garage removed
2011 - Front window replaced
2011 - Inside shot of one of the 3 smaller windows prior to removal
2011 - Outside shot of same window ready to be taken out
2011 - Window out
2011 - New window put in place, 2 more to go.
2011 - Old window on alley side of garage
2011 - Window removed
2011 - New window in
2011 - Inside shot
2011 - 1x4 pine trim (had to do some stucco trimming to square it up)
2011 - Trim painted, caulked and stucco patched
2011 - Finished shot of all 3 smaller windows
2011 - Bye old heat wasting windows, they are off to a new home
2011 - Now working on inside of big garage, wiring the outlets and insulating the walls
2011 - Roof insulation
2011 - Starting wall insulation
2011 - Next up. the last piece of heat escape, will be a new insulated 10x10 garage door
2011 - Inside shot of old door
2012 - New insulated 10x10 garage door and metal roof
2012 - Inside door
2012 - Liftmaster garage door opener, these are pretty cool!
2012 - Found termite damage replacing jambs, little setback I HOPE I have taken care of. got them due to leaky roof I have since fixed
2012 - Partialy insulated and paneled walls and ceiling
2012 - About 1/3 done with panel
2012 - Few more panels installed
2012 - Shot of garage from my backyard (almost takes up the whole width of my property)
2012 - Plates of vehicles past
2012 - My toolbox
2012 - Close up of traffic light and walk signal
2013 - New toy, and part of the reason for finishing the garage
2013 - Platforms installed, man those were heavy!
2013 - Loaded up the LUV for first test lift
2013 - Success!
2013 - Stacked