My Metal CD Collection
(All original, no CDR’s)
My current pick of the moment
Girish and the Chronicles

Rock the Highway

Heavy Metal from India
Red = Most recent purchases as of 12/25/20
Note!! My collection is NOT FOR SALE!! This is just a list of my collection and what others I am looking for. Thank you.


Accept Balls to the Wall - Metal Heart – Russian Roulette - No Substitiues – Staying a Life - Eat the Heat -The Collection - Blood of the Nation - Stalingrad - Blind Rage - The Rise of Chaos
Adagio Dominate
Aerosmithsonian A Tribute to Aerosmith
Airheads Soundtrack
Alice In Chains Facelift – Dirt - Jar of Flies
Allen-Lande The Revenge - The Showdown - The Great Divide
Almah Fragile Equality - Motion - E.V.O.
Animal (Randy Piper) Violent New Breed- Virus
Andersen - Laine - Readman III
Anthrax Attack of the Killer B’s – Sound of White Noise – Stomp 442 – Volume 8 – Return of the Killer A’s - We've Come for You All - Worship Music - Anthems - For All Kings - Kings Among Scotland
Appice Sinister
Arcade S/T – A/2
Armored Saint Symbol of Salvation - Revelation - Nod to the Old School
Asphalt Ballet S/T - Pigs
At Vance No Escape - Only Human - The Evil in You - Chained - VII - Ride the Sky - Facing Your Enemy
Autograph Sign in Please


Babylon A.D. S/T – Nothing Sacred – Live in your Face – American Blitzkrieg - Lost Sessions/Fresno, CA 93 - Revelation Highway
Sebastian Bach Bring em Bach Alive - Angel Down - Kicking and Screaming - Give Em Hell
Bad Moon Rising S/T – Blood – Opium for the Masses
Balance of Power Ten More Tales... - Perfect Balance - Heathen Machine
Bang Tango Psycho Cafe
Bangalore Choir On Target - Cadence
Baton Rouge Shake Your Soul
Battlezone Children of Madness
Beau Nasty Dirty but Well Dressed
Beavis & Butthead Experience
Beggars & Thieves S/T
Bellicose Love on Ice
Beyond Fear S/T
Big Cock Year of the Cock - S/T - Motherload
Bill & Ted Bogus Journey Soundtrack
Biss S/T - Joker in the Deck - Face Off -Xtension
Black Label Society Mafia
Black 'N Blue S/T - Without Love - Nasty Nasty - In Heat - One Night Live - Ultimate Collection - The Demos Remastered - Live in Detroit 1984 - Rarities - Hell Yeah
Black Roses Soundtrack (King Kobra, Bang Tango, Lizzy Borden)
Black Sabbath Heaven and Hell - The Dio Years
Black Swan Shake the World
Bleed S/T
Bloodbound Nosferatu - Book of the Dead - Tabula Rasa - Unholy Cross - In tthe Name of Metal
Blue Murder S/T
Bon Jovi S/T - 7800 Fahrenheit
Bonfire Don’t Touch the Light - Fireworks - Point Blank – Knockout - Live..The Best – Feels Like Coming Home – Rebel Soul – Fuel to the Flames - Strike X - 29 Golden Bullets
Lizzy Borden Love You to Pieces - Terror Rising - Visual Lies – Master of Disguise – Best of – Deal With the Devil - Appointment with Death - My Midnight Things
Michael Borman S/T - Conspiracy - Capture the Moment - Different - Closer
Brainstorm Hungary - Metus Mortis - Ambiguity - Soul Temptation - Liquid Monster - Downburst - Memorial Roots - On the Spur of the Moment - Firesoul - Scary Creatures - Midnight Ghost
Britny Fox S/T - Bite Down Hard
Burning Rain S/T
Chris Caffery Faces - Pins & Needles
Cain's Offering Gathering the Faithful
Candlebox S/T
Cans Beyond the Gates
The Chance S/T
Charade Charade II
Cherry St. Squeeze it Dry
Cinderella Night Songs
Circle II Circle Watching in Silence - The Middle of Nowhere - Burden of Truth - Consequence of Power - Seasons Will Fall - Reign of Darkness
Circus Maximus Isolate - Nine - Havoc
Cold Sweat Breakout
Contraband S/T
Alice Cooper Trash
DC Cooper S/T
Cornerstone Arrival - Human Stain - Once Upon Our Yesterdays - Two Tales of One Tomorrow
Corrosion of Conformity Blind
Crashdīet Rest in Sleaze - The Unattractive Revolution - Generation Wild - The Savage Playground - Illegal Rarities Volume 1 - Rust
Crazy Lixx New Religion - Riot Avenue - S/T - Sound of the Live Minority - Ruff Justice - Forever Wild
Crimson Glory S/T – Transcendence – Strange & Beautiful - Astronomica
Peter Criss Cat #1
Crown of Thorns S/T – 21 Thorns – Breakthrough – Lost Cathedral – Destiny Unknown
Crushed by Love Various


Damageplan New Found Power
Danger Danger S/T - Screw It
Dangerous Toys The Ultimate (Sleaze Metal Kings from Texas)
Deadringer Electrocution of the Heart
Decline of the Western Civilization Part II- The Metal Years
Def Leppard On Through the Night - High 'n' Dry - Pyromania - Mirror Ball/Live and More
De La Cruz Street Level
Demons & Wizards S/T
Demon Angels Time of Confusion
Andi Deris Done By Mirrors - Come in from the Rain
Desperado Ace
Dianno Nomad
Bruce Dickinson The Best of Bruce Dickinson
Dio The Collection - Donnington Live 1983 + 1987 - This is Your Life
Dirty Blonde Passion
Dirty Looks Cool from the Wire – Turn of the Screw
Dirty Penny Take It Sleezy - Young and Reckless
Dirty Rhythm Hard as a Rock
Dirty White Boy Bad Reputation
Disturbance We Come out at Night
D'Molls S/T
Doctor Butcher S/T - The Demo's
Dokken Breaking the Chains – Tooth and Nail - Under Lock and Key - Back for the Attack – Beast from the East - Dysfunctional - One Night Live
Don Dokken Up From the Ashes
D’Priest Playa del Rock
Dr Sin Shadows of Light
Dream Evil Dragonslayer - Evilized - The Book of Heavy Metal - United - Gold Medal in Metal - In the Night - Six
Dream Theater Images & Words – Awake – A Change of Seasons – Falling into Infinity – Once in a Livetime – Metropolis 2: Scenes From a Memory - Live Scenes from New York (NY Burning Cover) - Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence - Train of Thought - Black Clouds & Silver Linings
Drive Diablero
Driver Sons of Thunder


Eden's Curse S/T - Seven Deadly Sins - The Second Coming
Edguy Kingdom of Madness - Vain Glory Opera - Theater of Salvation - Burning Down the Opera Live - King of Fools EP - Hellfire Club - Superheroes - Rocket Ride - Tinnitus Sanctus- The Singles - Age of the Joker - Space Police
Edwin Dare Can’t Break Me - My Time to Die
80's Hair Metal (This is) Various 3 CD set
Emerald Rain Short Sighted
Endeverafter Kiss or Kill
Eric Carr Rockology
Evergrey Solitude . Dominace. Tragedy - The Dark Discovery - In Search of the Truth - Recreation Day - The Inner Circle - Monday Morning Apocolypse - Hymms for the Broken - The Storm Within
Every Mother’s Nightmare S/T – Wake Up Screaming – Smokin Delta Voodoo - Back Traxx - Live Songs from Somewhere
Evil Masquerade Third Act
Extreme S/T
Eyes S/T


Fair Game Beauty and the Beast
Faster Pussycat Wake Me When Its Over - Greatest Hits
Fatal Smile World Domination - 21st Century Freaks
Fates Warning Perfect Symmetry - Parallels – Inside Out – A Pleasant Shade of Gray - Disconnected - FWX
Fierce Heart S/T
Fifth Angel S/T – Time Will Tell - The Third Secret
Fight War of Words
Firehouse S/T – Hold Your Fire
Firewind Between Heaven and Hell - Burning Earth - Forged by Fire - Allegiance - The Premonition - Days of Defiance - Few Against Many - Immortals - S/T
Five Finger Death Punch A Decade of Destruction
Moriah Formica Bring it On
Fozzy S/T - Happenstance - All That Remains - Chasing the Grail - Sin and Bones - Do You Wanna Start a War - Judas
Frameshift An Absence of Empathy
Herman Frank Loyal to None - Right in the Guts - The Devil Rides Out - Fight the Fear
Freak House Addicted to the Numb
Freak of Nature S/T – Gathering of Freaks
Ace Frehley Frehley’s Comet – Live + 1 - Second Sighting – Trouble Walkin’ – 12 Picks – Loaded Deck - Anomaly - Space Invader - Origins Vol.1 - Spaceman
Freight Train Jane Hallucination


Gamma Ray Insanity and Genius – Sigh No More - Land of the Free - No World Order - Majestic
Gioeli - Castronovo Set the World on Fire
Giant Last of the Runaways - Time to Burn - Live and Acoustic
Girish and the Chronicles Rock the Highway
GoDiva Call Me Under 666 - Destruction
Great White Shot in the Dark - Once Bitten
Guardian Fire and Love
Guns N’ Roses Use Your Illusion 1 - Use Your Illusion 2
Gus G I Am the Fire - Brand New Revolution - Fearless
Gypsy Rose Another World


Sammy Hagar The Essential Red Collection - This is When the Party Started
Sammy Hagar and The Circle At Your Service
Hair of the Dog S/T - Rise - Ignite
Halestorm S/T - The Strange Case of..... - Into the Wild Life - Vicious
Halford Resurrection - Live Insurection - Crucible - IV Made of Metal
Hammerfall Glory to the Brave - Renegade - Crimson Thunder - One Crimson Night - Chapter V: Unbent, Unbowed, Unbroken - Threshold
Hardcore Superstar S/T - Dreamin' in a Casket - Beg for It- The Party Ain't Over Til We Say So... - Split Your Lip - C'mon take on Me - HCSS - You Can't Kill My Rock 'N Roll
Hardline Double Eclipse - II - Leaving the End Open - Danger Zone - Human Nature - Life
Harem Scarem S/T - Mood Swings – Voice of Reason - Big Bang Theory - Weight of the World - The Early Years - Live at the Gods 2002 - The Essentials - Human Nature - Higher - United - Change the World
Heaven and Hell (Black Sabbath) Live 2007 Radio City Music Hall
Heaven’s Edge S/T – Some Other Place, Some Other Time
Heavy Bones S/T
Heist High Heel Heaven
Helker Somewhere in the Circle - Firesoul
Hell in the Club Let the Games Begin - Devil on My Shoulder - Shadow of the Monster - See You on the Darkside - Hell of Fame
Helloween Keeper of the 7 Keys Part II - Pink Bubbles Go Ape – Chameleon – Master of the Rings – High Live - The Time of the Oath - Better Than Raw – The Dark Ride - Treasure Chest - Rabbit Don't Come Easy - Keeper of the Seven 7 Keys - The Legacy - Gambling with the Devil
Hellyeah S/T
Hericane Alice Tear the House Down
Hess Just Another Day
H.M.M.V. Tales from the Porn
Hollywood Underground S/T
Holy Soldier S/T - Last Train - Promise Man - Encore
Honeymoon Suite The Singles
Humanimal S/T
Hurricane Take What You Want - Over The Edge – Slave to the Thrill - Liquifury


Ice Cold July There Will Come a Day
Iced Earth The Dark Saga – Days of Purgatory – Something Wicked This Way Comes – Alive in Athens - Horror Show - Tribute to the Gods - The Glorious Burden - Framing Armageddon, Something Wicked Part 1 - The Crucible of Man, Something Wicked Part 2 - Dystopia - Incorruptible
Icon S/T – Night of the Crime – Right Between the Eyes – An Even More Perfect Union – 1984 Live Bootleg
Illusion S/T - I Like it Loud
Iron Maiden Seventh Son of a Seventh Son - Best of the Beast
Ivanhoe Symbols of Time – Visions and Reality


Jackyl S/T
Jaded Heart Masters and Slaves - Mystery Eyes - IV - Diary 1990-2000 - The Journey Never Ends - Trust - Sinister Mind - Perfect Insanity
Jag Panzer The Fourth Judgement
Steevi Jaimz Damned if I Do - My Private Hell
Jesse Strange S/T
Jetboy Feel the Shake - Damned Nation
Jettblack Get Your Hands Dirty - Raining Rock - Black Gold - Disguises
Johnny Crash Neighbourhood Threat
Joker S/T
Jorn Starfire - Out to Every Nation - The Duke - The Gathering - Unlocking the Past -Lonely are the Brave - Spirit Black - Heavy Rock Radio- Heavy Rock Radio II
Journey The Essential Journey
Judas Priest Screaming for Vengeance - Defenders of the Faith - Priest...Live - Ram It Down - Painkiller - The Best of, Living After Midnight - Demolition - Live in London - Angel of Retribution - Nostradamus - The Chosen Few - Redeemer of Souls - Firepower
Julliet S/T - Passion


Keel Lay Down the Law – The Right to Rock – The Final Frontier – S/T – Larger Than Live – VI, Back in Action - Streets of Rock & Roll
Kik Tracee No Rules – Field Trip
Killing Machine S/T
Killer Dwarfs Dirty Weapons
Killers Murder One – Menace to Society
King James S/T
King Kobra Ready to Strike – Thrill of a Lifetime - III – The Lost Years - Hollywood Trash - II - Sweden Rock Live
Lance King A Moment in Chiros
Michael Kiske R.T.S.
Kiss S/T – Hotter Than Hell - Dressed to Kill – Alive – Destroyer – Rock and Roll Over – Love Gun – Alive II – Double Platinum – Paul Stanley – Gene Simmons – Peter Criss – Ace Frehley – Dynasty – Unmasked – Music from the Elder – Creatures of the Night - Killers – Lick It Up – Animalize – Asylum – Crazy Nights – Smashes, Thrashes and Hits - Hot in the Shade – Alive III – Revenge – Kiss my Ass – MTV Unplugged – You wanted the Best, You got the Best – Greatest Kiss – Carnival of Souls – Psycho Circus – Detroit Rock City Soundtrack - Symphony Alive IV - Sonic Boom - Monster
Kix Blow My Fuse
Kotipelto Waiting for the Dawn - Coldness - Serenity
Krokus Heart Attack - Headhunter Blitz
Bob Kulick Skeletons in the Closet
Kuni Lookin' for Action


Labyrinth Return to Heaven Denied
L.A. Guns S/T - Cocked & Loaded – Hollywood Vampires - Rip the Covers Off
Jani Lane Catch a Falling Star
Paul Lane Stick it in your Ear - Can't Get Enough
Chris Laney Pure - Only Come Out at Night
Laney's Legion S/T
Last Action Hero Soundtrack
The Last Hard Men S/T
Leatherwolf S/T on Grandslam – S/T on Island – Street Ready – Wide Open - World Asylum - New World Asylum
Legs Diamond Town Bad Girl – The Wish
Life Sex & Death The Silent Majority
Lillian Axe S/T – Love and War – Out of the Light, Into the Darkness – Poetic Justice – Psychoschizophrenia – Fields of Yesterday - Live 2002 - Waters Rising
London The Metal Years
Lostboys Lost and Found
Loudness Soldier of Fortune – On the Prowl
Lynch Mob Wicked Sensation – S/T - Revolution


Machine Men Circus of Fools
Majestic Trinity Overture - Abstract Symphony
Yngwie Malmsteen Marching Out - Odyssey - Collection
Manowar Fighting the World - Warriors of the World
Marya No Hope For Humanity...? - Counterculture
Marilyn Manson Portrait of an American family – Antichrist Superstar
Masi Downtown Dreamers
Masquerade S/T - Surface of Pain - Flux
Masterplan S/T - Aeronautics/Back for My Life - MKII
Masters of Metal Various
Maxxwell Dogz on Dope - Tabula Rasa - XX
Robin McAuley Business as Usual
Kenny McGee S/T - Kenny McGee's Disease
McQueen Street S/T - 2
Megadeth Peace Sells...But Who's Buying? - So Far, So good... So What! - Countdown to Extinction – Youthanasia – Hidden Treasures - Cryptic Writings - Risk - The World Needs a Hero - The System Has Failed - Thirteen
Melidian Lost in the Wild
Messiah's Kiss Dragonheart
Metal Edge Best of L.A.
Metalium Millennium Metal Vol 1 - State of Triumph, Chapter 2 - Hero Nation, Chapter 3
Metallica Kill 'Em All - Ride The Lightning – Master of Puppets - Garage Days Re-Revisited – Live Shit, Binge & Purge - S/T – Load – Reload – S&M - Garage Inc
Metal Church The Human Factor – Hanging in the Balance - The Weight of the World - Classic Live
Metal Variations Enigma Hard Rock Collection
MVP Windows
Mickey Ratt Ratt Era, The Best of
Millenium Hour Glass - Jericho - The Best of... and more
M.ill.ion Kingsize -Thrill of the Chase - Detonator
Mind Bomb S/T
Missa Mercuria S/T
Mob Rules Savage Land - Hallowed Be Thy Name - Among the Gods - Ethnolution AD - Radical Peace - Cannibal Nation - Timekeeper 20th Anniversary Box Set - Tales From Beyond - Beast Reborn
Michael Monroe Not Fakin' It
Monster Through the Eyes of the World
Moon'Doc S/T - Get Mooned - Realm of Legends
Mötley Crüe Too Fast For Love – Shout at the Devil – Theater of Pain – Girls, Girls, Girls - Dr. Feelgood – Decade of Decadence – S/T – Generation Swine – Supersonic and Demonic Relics – New Tattoo - Red, White & Crue - Saints of Los Angeles
MSG Perfect Timing - Save Yourself - S/T
Mullmuzzler Keep it to Yourself
Murderer's Row S/T
Mutha’s Day Out My Soul is Wet


Nasty Idols Heroes for Sale - Vicious - Cruel Intention - The Best of
Nazca The White Wheel
Vince Neil Exposed
Nevada Beach Zero Day
9.0 Too Far Gone
Nordic Union S/T - Second Coming
No Sweat S/T
Now or Never II
Nuclear Assault Something Wicked


Obsession Scarred for Life - Methods of Madness - Carnival of Lies - Order of Chaos
Oliva Raise the Curtain
Jon Oliva's Pain 'Tage Mahal - Maniacal Renderings - Global Warming - Festival
Outlaw Blood S/T
Ozzy Osbourne Bark at the Moon - The Ultimate Sin - No More Tears - No Rest for the Wicked - The Essential Ozzy Osbourne


Pain Cynic Paradise
Pantera Cowboys From Hell – Vulgar Display of Power - Official Live: 101 Proof
Pariah To Mock a Killingbird
Stephen Pearcy Before and Laughter - Smash
Axel Rudi Pell The Ballads - The Ballads III - Kings and Queen- Into the Storm - Game of Sins
Phantom V S/T - Play II Win
Piece Dogs Exes for Eyes
Pink Cream 69 S/T - One Size Fits All - Games People Play - Food For Thought - Live - Electrified - Sonic Dynamite -Mixery - Endangered - Thunderdome - In10sity - Ceremonial - Headstrong
Place Vendome S/T
Poison Look what the Cat Dragged In – Open Up and Say..Ahh! - Flesh and Blood - Poison'D
The Poodles Metal Will Stand Tall - Sweet Trade - Clash of the Elements - No Quarter - Performocracy - Tour De Force - Devil in the Details - Prisma
Pretty Boy Floyd Leather Boyz with Electric Toyz – A Tale of Sex, Designer Drugs and the Death of Rock N’ Roll - Pornstars - Live at the Pretty Ugly Club - Tonight Belongs to the Young - Public Enemies
Pretty Maids S/T – Red, Hot, and Heavy – Future World – Jump the Gun – In Santa’s Claws – Sin Decade – Offside – Stripped – Scream – Screamin Live – Spooked – The Best of..Back to Back – Anything Worth Doing, Is Worth Overdoing – First Cuts and Then Some – Carpe Diem - Planet Panic - Alive at Least - Wake Up to the Real World - Pandemonium - It Comes Alive - Motherland - Louder than Ever - Kingmaker - Undress Your Madness - Maid in Japan
Primal Fear S/T - Jaws of Death - Nuclear Fire - Black Sun - Devils' Ground - Seven Seals - Metal Is Forever, The Very Best of Primal Fear - New Religion - 16.6 (Before the Devil Knows You're Dead) - Live in the USA - Unbreakable - Delivering the Black - Rulebreaker - Angels of Mercy Live in Germany - Best of Fear - Apocalypse - Metal Commando
Pump Against Everyone's Advice - Breakdown to Breakthrough - Sonic Extasy



E.P. – Warning – Rage For Order (Blue ring cover)– Operation Mindcrime – Empire – Operation Livecrime – Promised Land – Hear in the Now Frontier – Q2K – Operation/EP remaster – Rebellion, A Tribute to Queensryche - Live Evolution - Operation Livecrime Remaster - Tribe - Operation Mindcrime II - Mindcrime at the Moore - Sign of the Times - Take Cover- American Soldier - Dedicated to Chaos - S/T - Condition Human - The Verdict
Quiet Riot Mental Health - Condition Critical


Rain Stronger
Rakel Traxx Bitches Palace - Dirty Dollz
Ratt E.P. - Out of the Cellar - Dancing Undercover - Ratt & Roll 8191 – Collage – S/T
David Readman S/T
Redrum No Turning Back - Victims of Our Circumstances
Red Sun Rising Polyester Zeal
Reece Universal Language
Reign of Terror Sacred Ground
Rock Star Soundtrack
Rough Cutt S/T - Want's You - Live - Anthology
Roxx Gang Things You’ve Never Done Before – The Voodoo You Love – Love Em and Leave Em
Roxy Blue Want Some?
Royal Hunt Clown in the Mirror - Land of Broken Hearts - Moving Target - Paradox - Double Live in Japan - The Watchers - The Mission - Fear - Eyewitness - Paper Blood - Collision Course


Saber Tiger Project One
Saigon Kick The Lizard - Water
Saint Deamon In Shadows Lost from the Brave - Pandeamonium - Ghosts
Saints & Sinners S/T
Saints of the Underground Love the Sin, Hate the Sinner
Savatage Sirens – Power of the Night - Hall of the Mountain King – Gutter Ballet – Streets – From the Gutter to the Stage - From the Dungeons to the Streets – Edge of Thorns – Handfull of Rain – Dead Winter Dead – The Wake of Magellan – Ghost in the Ruins - Poets and Madmen
Scheepers S/T
Scorpions Love at First Sting - Deadly Sting, The Mercury Years - Humanity, Hour 1 - Sting in the Tail - Born to Touch Your Feelings
Scream in Eden Original Sin
Seduce Too Much Aint Enough
Seven Freedom Call
Seven Witches City of Lost Souls
Shakra S/T - Moving Force - Rising - Fall - Infected - Everest - Back on Track - Powerplay - High Noon - Snakes & Ladders - Mad World
Shark Island Law of the Order - Gathering of the Faithful
Shocker Soundtrack
Shortino Chasing My Dreams
Shotgune Live Down Decadencia Drive
Shotgun Messiah S/T – Second Coming – I Want More – Violent New Breed
Shy England Misspent Youth
Silent Force Walk the Earth - Rising From the Ashes
Silent Rage Don't Touch Me There
S.I.N. Somewhere into Nowhere - Equilibrium
Sixx A.M. The Heroin Diaries Soundtrack - This is Gonna Hurt - Modern Vintage -Prayers for the Damned - Prayers for the Blessed Vol 2
Skid Row S/T – Slave to the Grind – B Side Ourselves – Subhuman Race – 40 Seasons, The Best of
Skold S/T
Slaughter Stick it to Ya – The Wild Life
Slave Raider Take the World by Storm - What Do You Know About Rock 'n Roll?
Sleez Beez Screwed Blued & Tattooed
Slik Toxik Doin’ the Nasty – Smooth and Deadly - Irrelevant
Smashing Metal Various
Dee Snider Never Let the Bastards Wear You Down - For the Love of Metal
Sons of Apollo MMXX
Jeff Scott Soto Prism - Holding On - Live at the Gods 2002 - Lost in the Translation - Beautiful Mess - Damage Control - Inside the Vertigo - Divak - Retribution - Origami
Southgang Tainted Angel – Group Therapy
Spacewalk Tribute to Ace Frehley
Spread Eagle S/T – Open to the Public
Paul Stanley Live to Win
Starwood If it Ain't Broke, Break It!
Steeler S/T - American Metal, The Steeler Anthology
Steelheart S/T – Tangled in the Reins - Wait
Steel Panther Feel the Steel - Balls Out - All You Can Eat - Live From Lexxi's Mom's Garage - Lower the Bar
St. James American Man
Stratovarius Twilight Time - Dreamspace - Fourth Dimension - Destiny - Infinite - Intermission - The Chosen Ones - Elements Pt.1 - Elements Pt.2 - S/T - Polaris
Stiker Play to Win
Stuttering John S/T
Stryper Soldiers Under Command - To Hell with the Devil - Against the Law - Cant Stop the Rock - 7 (The Best of) - 7 Weeks: Live in America 2003
Styx Pieces of Eight - Paradise Theater - Greatest Hits - The Grand Illusion . Pieces of Eight Live
Suicidal Tendencies Controlled by Hatred/Feel Like Shit…Déjā vu – Lights..Camera..Revolution – The Art of Rebellion
Sweet FA Stick to Your Guns
Michael Sweet Ten
Sweet Oblivion (Featuring Geoff Tate) S/T
Sven Gali S/T
Sword Sweet Dreams
Symphorce Phorceful Ahead - Become Death - Unrestricted


Takara Blind in Paradise
Talisman Cats and Dogs - Humanimal - Vaults - Live in Stockholm
Geoff Tate S/T
Tattoo Rodeo Rode Hard, Put Away Wet
Televoid Soundtrack
Tesla Mechanical Resonance - Time's Makin' Changes, The Best of Tesla - Forever More
Testament Souls of Black – The Ritual - Low
Things S/T
Thrash Patrol Various
Thunder Backstreet Symphony
Thunderstone S/T - The Burning - Tools of Destruction - Evolution 4.0 - Dirt Metal - Apocalypse Again
Tigertailz Young and Crazy – Berzerk – Banzai - Wazbones (2 versions) - Original Sin - Berzerk 2.0 - Thrill Pistol - Bezerk:Live.. Burnin' Fuel - Knives
TNT Knights of the New Thunder - Tell No Tales - My Religion
Tora Tora Surprise Attack - Wild America
Total Eclipse S/T
Toxicrose S/T - Total Tranquility
Trick or Treat Soundtrack
Trixter S/T
The Trophy The Gift of Life
Trouble Tribe S/T
Tuff What Comes Around Goes Around – Fist First – Religious Fix
2Die4 S/T
Twilightning Plauque-House Puppet Show
Twisted Sister Stay Hungy - Come Out and Play - Love is for Suckers - Big Hits and Nasty Cuts
Tyketto Don’t Come Easy
Type O Negative Bloody Kisses – October Rust – World Coming Down


Udo Nailed to the Metal (The Missing Tracks) - Thunderball - Mastercutor - Celebrator - Live - Back to the Roots
Unruly Child S/T - The Basement Demos


Vain No Respect
Valentine S/T
Vamp The Rich Don't Rock
Van Halen The Best of Both Worlds
Vanden Plas Beyond Daylight - The Seraphic Clockwork
Vertex S/T
Michael Vescera A Sign of Things to Come - Beyond the Fight
VH1's Big Hair Vol 1 - Vol 2
Vicious Delite S/T
Vicious Mary S/T
Victory S/T – Don’t Get Mad, Get Even – Hungry Hearts - That’s Live – Culture Killed the Native – Temples of Gold – You Bought it, You Name it - Very Best of Victory – Liveline –Voiceprint - Instinct - Don't Talk Science
Vinnie Vincent Inavasion Invasion - All Systems Go
Voices of Rock High & Mighty
Voodoo Circle S/T - More Than One Way Home - Whiskey Fingers - Raised on Rock
Voodoo X The Awakening Vol 1


Wacken Open Air Festival Best of Wacken Open Air 10 Years - Armageddon Over Wacken Live 2004
War Babies S/T
Warlock True as Steel - Triumph and Agony
The Warning Escape the Mind - XXI Century Blood - Queen of the Murder Scene - Narcsista (Single)
Warrant Dirty Rotten Filthy Stinking Rich – Cherry Pie – Dog Eat Dog – Best of - Ultraphobic - Born Again
Warrior Fighting for the Earth - Ancient Future - The Code of Life - The Wars of Gods and Men
Warrior (Vinnie Vincent) S/T
Warrior Soul Last Decade, Dead Century – Drugs, God and the New Republic
W.A.S.P. S/T - The Last Command - Headless Children – Live in the Raw - Crimson Idol – First Blood, Last Cuts – Still Not Black Enough – KFD – Double Live Assassins - Helldorado - Unholy Terror - The Neon God Part 1 - The Neon God Part 2 - Dominator - Babylon - Golgotha - Re-Idolized The Soundtrack to the Crimson Idol
W.E.T. S/T - Rise Up - Earthrage
Whitesnake Slide It In - The Definitive Collection
White Lion Fight to Survive – Mane Attraction
White Wolf Endangered Species - Victims of the Spotlight
Wicked Lester Laughing Dogs
Wicked Marya Cycles - Lifetime in Hell
Wicked Sensation Reflected - Exceptional
Widowmaker Blood & Bullets – Stand by For Pain
Wig Wam 667 ... The Neighbour of the Beast - Hard to be a Rock'n Roller.. In Kiev! - Wig Wamania - Non Stop Rock'n Roll - Wall Street
Wildside Under the Influence - The Wasted Years
Wildstreet S/T - Wildstreet II ...Faster...Louder!
Wild Boyz Unleashed!
Wraith Revelation


XYZ S/T - Hungry - Letter to God


Y&T In Rock We Trust - Down for the Count - Contagious - Ultimate Collection


Zan Clan We Are Zan Clan ... Who the F**k are You??! - Kickz the Livin' Shit.... Outta Stockholm City

CD'S I am looking for

Ronnie Atkins One Shot
Edguy Monuments
Fierce Heart War for the World
Firewind Apotheosis Live
Ace Frehley Origins Vol. 2
Katmandu S/T
King Kobra S/T
Todd La Torre Rejoice in the Suffering
Jon Oliva's Pain Straight Jacket Memoirs EP
Pantera Power Metal
Voodoo Circle Locked & Loaded
W.E.T. One Live - In Stockholm - Retransmission
White Wolf Standing Alone
Wicked Smile Delirium
Wig Wam Never Say Die