I had the pleasure of winning Z Rocks (anyone remember them??) first annual Summer pool party contest. The grand prize was a trip to Dallas to have a party with Savatage and Trouble during the Gutter Ballet tour. I had a blast, every body was really cool, esp Criss! At the end of the party, the guys threw me in the pool. Part of the prize was I got to see them perform that night! I had to go to the show with soggy shoes as I didn't bring an extra pair. After the show, they took me and my friend and showed us their tour bus and signed autographs for us. I told Criss and Jon that in 2 days they would be playing Denver again (I had just seen them about 3 weeks before It in Denver.) and they said they would get me on the list for the show. Well 2 days later, I went down to the theater and we weren't on the guest list. I wasn't sure of what to do, I just happened to be looking in the front door to the theater and Criss happens to walk by and I tap on the glass. He sees me and comes outside to talk to me! I told him I wasn't on the list and he went to get us passes! He comes back out to tell us he got us in and then he spent 10 minutes out in front of the theater talking to me and my friend, way too cool! He told us how the bus had broke down in Oklahoma and they had to take a plane the rest of the way into Denver and almost didn't make the show. After the concert the manager of the band come up to us and asked us if we enjoyed the show and had a good time in Dallas. Savatage is a class act all the way around! I seen them again in Jan of 92 on the "Streets" tour, it was a good show but Jon was pretty wasted! A year and a half later, I would hear the sad news that Criss Oliva was killed in an auto accident by a drunk driver, may he rest in peace.

CRISS OLIVA APR 3, 1963 - OCT 17, 1993

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Me, Criss Oliva and some girl??
I love what the Texas humidity
does to your hair!
Chris Caffery & Me
My friend Scott, Criss and I
Criss, Johnny, some girl,
Chris, Me, Steve, Jon
and some other girl??