My Father's 1963 Ford (eck!!) Ranchero

I painted summer of 07

As my dad bought it in 2005
Both side lower panels had cancer
Previous owner had drilled holes for a tonneau cover
First couple of welds werent so good
Got pretty good after 3 or 4
Filled 7 holes on tailgate and 6 in the back of the cab
Filled 22 holes on bed sides
Ford made taking off this gate a nightmare!!!
Lots of surprises hiding under the paint
Drivers side filled and smoothed plus the new lower quarter panels (had a bodyshop do those)
Passenger side filled and smoothed
Just about ready for primer, fixed tons of little dings and chips
3 coats of primer, shot in my dad's garage
In the paint booth ready for masking
Basecoat applied
3 coats of 2007 Ford Mustang blue
3 coats of clear applied and back home in the garage
Sparkly and shiny, but needs wet sanded and buffed
Getting ready to buff
Smooth like glass
Finished product
My father has been battling cancer for the last 2 years and not sure how much longer he will be around, he gave me the Ranchero so I got these plates in tribute.