Tilted's Interior
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Stock interior with green house carpet, OH YEA!!
Bench seat cover on trashed bench seat and super (un)cool airplane style steering wheel
Visor off and old winsdshield out ready for new interior
Completely gutted interior (except for that dam steering wheel!)
Test fit seats and started headliner
Front of headliner glued in
Ran headliner down past rear window and test fit of in-cab show bar
Carpeted floor and back wall up to headliner
Sew-Fine prototype door panels, never made for anyone else
Finished interior (all install done by me)
Sew-Fine Sportz seats
B&M Megashifter for the Turbo 350 tranny
Custom made billet insert for digital guages
Cyberdyne digital guages
All wired up for install
The HOLY GRAIL for Chevy LUV's
A new dash pad
Cut out and ready to be put in
Old cracked dash getting ready for the trash bin
Old dash completely out
Old dash pad crumbled into hundreds of pieces when removing
New dash pad glued in, much better!!
Interior finally better than new
Digital guages giving me the data
2008 - Last pic of interior before truck rebuild (sometime this century)