Tilted's Misc Pics
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My 2 LUV's, Yellow beater I bought for $800 to park Tilted
Our truck club logo
CMC, Colorado Mini Cruzers
The Luv had to sit outside for a month while I painted my blazer, of course it rained most of the time
My 3 truck and my brothers C1500
Chased back to Colorado trying to go to the Topeka Super Chevy show, hit rain, hail and tornado warnings!!
1999 - Towing the LUV back to Wyoming to get my 1939 Chevy
Dad had to tow it to a place where we could get it off the trailer
My sign I use at shows
1/24 scale model I made
Me back in the early 90's, wish I still had hair!
The Luv next to my brothers 1999 Xtreme
My 2 current trucks, Chevy's first and last mini trucks


Sitting in it's current resting place at my dad's garage, trying to get my garage finished so I can get it back in my possesion
Chevy Luv lighted dealership sign I got off Ebay