Tilted's Motor
Page last updated 07/27/09 (3 pics added)
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Monster 1.8L 4 cylinder
(around 80 horse power, hold on to your hats!!)
Srock motor detailed for show
Motor ready to be yanked
231 Buick V-6 out of a 76 Sundance
Painted frame while motor was out
My friend Roger helping put in B&M shifter linkage
Motor prepped, painted and ready for install
Ready to drop in
Installed and needing some dress-up!
Looking a lot better with valve covers, wires and braided hoses
Drivers side shot
(should have cleaned a little more before taking pic)


Cleaned up for show
Last pic taken of the motor, next pic will have 2 more cylinders, like I should have done in the first place.