My Current Project:

1939 Chevy 4 Door Master 85 Sedan

Page last updated 07/31/16

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1999 - 2005

Bad water pump
New waterpump
I think this was a
It's ALIVE!!!
Decided to
grind out
3 bondo spots
and looky
what I found!!
Getting Ready to
tow to Denver
Towing it back
to Wyoming
My Grandfather
in 1980

2013 Restart of rebuild

Jume 2013 Rolling into tear down spot
After 7 years power has been restored again
Grandpa's replacement knob
My replacement knob
Replace missing glove box lock, grandpa just drilled a hole in the dash and used a clip :(
Starting at passenger rear
Replacing all brake rubber parts, rebuilt first wheel cylinder
New brake hose vs old hose (old hose has stretched about an inch and is like bubble gum)
Rusty rear bumper, need to find a chrome shop
About a pound of 70 year old dirt under the running board mats
Passenger side rust
Starting drives rear
Drivers side rust
Rolled under fender lip that is going to be a challenge to repair
Frame cleaned and painted on passenger rear
Fenderwell Por15ed
Greasy leaking differential
Bent brake bracket (about 2" away from fitting)
Starting front brakes
Passenger side apart
Driver side apart
Front wheel cylinder out
70 years of grease and dirt build-up
70 years of grease and dirt build-up
Found the original crossmember cut out and another one bolted in. Hmmmmmmm
Luv build on hold and now storage for the 39 sheetmetal
Master cylinder out for a rebuild
Tons of rust and dirt on it
Rebuilt, cleaned up, polished paint and ready to put back in
Rolled out to power washer the grease and dirt off the motor
Made a mess in the alley
Found this surprise in the water pump
Radiator out
Cleaned up, painted and polished out
Frame cleaned and painted, now to the motor
Original hub caps beat to hell
Can you guess which one is new?


New cap and beauty ring, need to paint the rims and get the wide white walls!
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Current Progress:
New Grille
New Hood
New battery
New waterpump
Rebuilt carb
New Running Boards
All new rubber for brakes
New Runningboard Mats
New door bumpers
New ashtray knob
New glovebox lock
New fendernuts
New front shocks
New centercaps and beauty rings
New passenger side rear glass