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All modifications listed below pictures
1994 - Brand new from the dealer, let's go monster truckin!
1994 - Added headlight and tailight covers
1994 - 4. 3 Vortec, 195 HP, does the job!
1994 - Tinted windows
1994 - Back shot with purple neon plate frame (from my dually)
1995 - Going down??
1995 - Lowered 3-4
1995 - Snugtop windowless shell
1995 - Snugtop windowless shell
1995 - Speaker box I made with Alpine 6 disc changer
1995 - Trenz billet grille inserts, present from my brother
1995 - Complete, for now!!
1997 - Ouch!! This is what happens when a 16 year old punk doesn't stop!
1997 - Ouch!!
1997 - Ouch!!
1997 - Ouch!!
1998 - Smoothed in Sir Micheals roll-pan, courtesy of punk kids insurance!
1999 - My truck with my brothers new 99 xtreme
2000- Trenz Phantom billet grille
2000 - Steel Horse Carpet kit and homemade sub boxes
2000 - No room in the cab so the subs had to go to the bed
2000 - Dropped the dumbo ears and got some Street Scene mirrors
2000 - Finally afforded to get my 17" Budnik Tusk II's and 45 series tires!
2000 - Needs to come down. Happening real soon! I guess 5 months is soon??
2000 - What my truck will look like in the (late) spring of 2001 with 2 more inches of lowering
2001 - New matching Budnik billet Tusk II steering wheel
2001 - Sport trucks shouldn't have to put up with this!


2001 - Since its winter, might as well build a model
2001 - New wheels have too much fender clearance
2001 - Front dropped another 2 inches with drop coils
2001 - Rear dropped another 2" with dropped leafs
2001 - Lowering finished


2001 - Finally got it down to 5/5!


2001 - My new Goodmark cowl induction hood as it sat in my garage for 6 months!
2001 - Test fit on the hood, now off to the bodyshop!!
2001 - Old school vs. new school (now they are BOTH old skool!)
2001 - Cross drilled rotors
2001 - FINALLY - Got my one off phantom billet bumper, now off to the bodyshop again
2001 - Cowl hood painted and on
2001 - After 7 months the bumper finally becomes a reality!!!
2001 - Shaved tailgate handle
2001 - Shaved tailgate inside handle and notched carpet kit
2001 - Completed for now??? Next will be a video/DVD system
2001 -Truck Mtn Truck Fest at Bandimere speedway, 2nd place out of 12 trucks, I'm happy!!
2001 - Show shot #2
2001 - One last shot before its parked for winter! Snow SUX!!
2001 - Putting back on the snow shoes even though it won't be driven. Time to polish the billets
2001 - Pretty much the first and last time these tires were on the truck
2002 - Interior with Lloyd SS embroidered floot mats
2002 - Alpine CDA-7983 head unit w/hidden 12 disc changer
2002 - Alpine 600W V12Amp
2002 - Alpine 6.5" door speakers
2002 - Building a new box for the bed out of 3/4 MDF, wanted to do plexiglass but costs way to much!!!!
2002 - Test fitting the Alpine 10" Type R subs
2002 - Checking fit in bed
2002 - Coverd with carpet
2002 - Cut out center section
2002 - Cut out holes for subs
2002 - Ready to build side sections
2002 - Starting to build side storage boxes
2002 - Finished box
2002 - Sub box
pic #2
2002 - Side by side
2002 - Trying to get
a good shot to send
to the truck
2002 - #2
2002 - #3
2002 - #4


2002 - Playstation
2 installed
behind seats


2002 - Still working
on the monitor


2002 - Cardboard
mock-up patern,
what a pain in
the @ss


2002 -Finished TV
install, when I get time, I am going to redo it in fiberglass


2002 - TV pic #2
2002 - TV pic #3


2002 - TV brain and
interlink to run the
sound through the
2003 - Next to my coworker Jerrys's 2002 35th Anniversary Camaro
2004 - Billet
Specialties billet
master cylinder
2004 - Billet
billet automatic
shifter arm
2004 - Billet
billet gas and
brake pedals
2004 - The furniture company I was working for was expanding so I pulled in the warehouse
2004 - Bought a new bumper and grille to redo the phantoms properly
2004 - Also got a new air dam that didnt have plate braket holes
2004 - Stock grille temporarily in the truck while working on the phantom grille
2004 - Starting to like the look of it
2004 - Cutting out the center section of the new grille
2004 - Fiberglassing in the holes to smooth out the hole so you cant see the cut like the first grille I did
2004 - Close up of my first time glassing anything
2004 - More fiberglassing
2005 - Stock third brake light
2005 - Replaced it with a smoked one, cant see it with the topper anyway
2005 - EGR kept plugging up, installed gasket with screen to help prevent since it is soo fun to get at
2008 - Nasty stock Snugtop 3rd brake light
2008 - LED brake light housing I made from sheet metal, cant find my pics of bending and welding it
2008 -Welded the mounting braket on
2008 - 35 LED 3rd brake light mounted and working. much better than stock IMO
2008 - Inside shot of brake light housing
2008 - Sitting in dad's garaget till I find a house
2008 - Sitting out side at dad's
2009 - Finally got around to finishing the glassing of the new grille shell
2009 - Test fitting before getting it ready to paint
2009 - Both sides line up really well, even though the pic is blurry!
2009 - Random rear shot while working on the front
2009 - Cutting a new bumper for the phantom bumper insert, didnt like the gaps on the Alter Images bumper
2009 - Center section out, very hard to get the lines to match the insert
2009 - Test fitting to see if it was going to distort the opening, looking good so far
2009 - Have to flatten out the old turn signal holes
2009 - Flattened out and trimmed the lip
2009 - Test fit billet after cutting, center of bumper has spread apart slightly
2009 - Clamping the center for tighter fit when welding brackets
2009 - 2 of the 4 mounting brackets welded in
2009 - Stock grille back in so I can drive it while painting front end
2009 - Starting pattern for license plate mount
2009 - Top of bracket bent
2009 - Bottom sides bent
2009 - Test fit into air dam, needs to be shortened
2009 - Bottom edge trimmed and bent to be higher than the bottom of the air dam
2009 - Bottom trimmed and cut to curve of air dam and a bigger edge added to the top sides for support
2009 - Finished bracket
2009 - Test fitting on bumper
2009 - Painted textured flat black to match air dam
2009 - Grille, bumper and bumper caps ready to be primered
2009 - Bumper primered
2009 - All 4 pieces painted
2009 - Grille painted and cleared
2009 - Crappy pics due to too much shine!!
2009 - Bumper painted and cleared
2009 - Wet sanded and ready for buffing
2009 - Bumper finally on
2009 - Random inserted shot I thought was cool
2009 - Finished!! Had to make the plate bracket so the ever busy Wyoming police wont ticket me!! (for this anyway)
2009 - Another pic, might redo the plate mount at an angle, not totally happy with it
2010 - Dealer poster, exactly as my truck looked brand new
2014 - Fuel Pump #2
2014 - "Stubby"
2014 - Bed and topper had to sit outside for a few days
2014 -Easier to remove the bed than try to drop the tank
2014 - Frame needs some attention, I painted it black but didn't snap a pic
2014 - Bed back on
2014 - Topper ready to go back on, had bursitis during this and putting the topper on I popped my knee and saved me fron a $10000 surgery!!
2014 - Inside of the bed doesnt see daylight very oftern
2014 - Now the SS is running again, the Luv gets to go back on the lift
2014 - Luv needs luv!
2014 - Time to replace pitted broken foglight lens
2014 - Old lens
2014 -New lense, wish I would have known you didnt have to buy the whole foglight the first time!
2015 - What is tis white stuff?
2015 - As close as it gets to snow for a very long time, big drift on roof ready to pounce!
2016 - My truck with my brother's 2 Xtremes and Sonoma
2016 - In his garage
2016 - With his 2 69 C10 shortbeds
2016 - Butt shot
2016 - Chevys everywhere!!
2017 - New plates issued this year
2017 - Old plate
2017 - New plate, Wyo went to 5 numbers but 4 still looks right
2017 - Motocam360 hood strut kit
2017 - No more hood prop
2017 - Drivers side strut
2017 - Passengeer side strut
2018 - Chip Foose's Napa Delviery Truck was in town 6/13/2018
2018 - The owner of Napa let me take pics with this famous Overhaulin truck (he took this pic of me)
2018 - Little bit of Motor
2018 - Outta my way!
2018 - Thanks for letting take the pics Clint!!
2018 - Aug 4, Riverton Wyoming, Windriver Casino Car Show
2018 - Aug 4
2018 - Dave Kindig from Salt Lake was signing autographs at the show, pretty cool guy!
2018 - 3 trucks in my class and the first, first place I have gotten with this truck.

More pictures of the Napa Foose S10 here

Pictures of the 2018 Wind River Casino Car show here


Day before fathers day, getting my truck ready for a Father's Day car show, my truck slipped off the floor jack, crushing my rocker panel as I was getting ready to change my oil, not giving it my full attention as my wonderful neighbour had just left and left a puppy in the back yard and it had been barking NONSTOP (and I mean NONSTOP!! I have never heard so many profanities being yelled from all over my neighbourhood!) for a full hour when this happened as I was very p*ssed off and then extremely p*ssed off after it fell.
Here are pics of the repair
Aftermath, 1 crushed rocker panel, pushed it up into the door
Tried pulling it out with a stud welder, no go! Drilled out spot welds and beingcareful cutting with the cutting wheel
So decided cutting out the outer metal was the only option
Mangled failure
Outside skin off, dented inner rocker, notice inside is almost touching the outside
Inner panel straightened and reformed
First bend of patch panel, glad I bought a metal brake a month before
Test fit of patch panel , magnets are great!!!
(many pre-tests to get it right)
Tacked and ground, got little bit of warpage in a couple of spots.
Filled, blocked and primered, glad I had materials left over from my bumper and grille redo
3 coats of paint
3 coats of clear
Good as new, to bad the rest of the paint isn't, didnt really notice till I see it in pictures
4 post lift sure made this job easier, if I would have used it for the oil change in the first place, I wouldn't of had to of gone through this.
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S10 SS Modifications


SnugTop Windowless Topper
Street Scene electric sport mirrors
Tinted windows
Trenz Billet phantom grille
Smoothed Sir Micheal's roll pan
Goodmark Steel Cowl Induction Hood
Shaved tailgate & Sir Micheal's handle relocater
Trenz Phantom billet bumper
Custom made 35 LED topper 3rd brake light
License Plate Frenched into air dam

Motocam 360 Hood Strut Kit


2" Bell Tech spindles
3" Bell Tech springs
3" Lowered leaf springs w/ 2" angled blocks
Budnik Tusk II wheels
17 x 8 front - 17 x 9.5 back
Falken ZE-502 Tires
215/45/17 front - 255/45/17 back
4.5 front - 5.5 back backspacing
Cross drilled rotors
Removed rear bumpstop brackets
Energy Suspension rear bumpstops
Future Mods
Rear wheels disc brakes (camaro)
with cross drilled rotors


K & N Filter
Billet Specialties billet
master cylinder cover


Steel Horse bed carpet kit
Alpine CDA-7893 head unit
Alpine 6 Disc DVD changer
Alpine 2 channel 600W amp
2 Alpine Type R Dual Voice Coil Subs
Alpine 6.5's in the doors
Alpine alarm
Budnik Tusk II billet steering wheel
Lloyd custom fit SS floor mats
Custom made subwoofer enclosure
Alpine 6.5 Video Monitor
Playstation 2
Billet Specialties billet shifter arm
Billet Specialties billet brake pedals